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Dear B2G community

We are pleased to announce that we have just successfully finished an upgrade on our blockchain. All functionalities of B2G are now running smoothly with better features and upgraded software for a better user experience for our B2G Community.

The following are some major upgrades we had completed: 
1. Upgraded code to be compatible with Golang 1.12.4 which fixed security issue in the language 

2. Upgraded from Geth 1.8 to lastest one 1.8.27 making it ready for 1.9 release, this upgrade fixed several Geth bugs :
 - Memory leaks making Geth unresponsible
 - Geth state channel bug making the chain attackable
 - Ulimit handling, so Geth doesn't override

3. Fixed an RPC race on concurrent subscribe/notification
4. Database improvement

We would like to thank our partners, PIRL, for a successful transition to having quality software against attacks and the latest technology for our transfer and settlement  systems.  

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