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The use of crypto currency in the consumer-retail space is continually increasing with the number of businesses adding crypto as its payment option for its clients.

Payments with cryptocurrencies are considered quick and instant, more secure, potential for complete anonymity for those who wish, and possibility of eliminating risk of identity theft.

The greatest hindrance to accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method is probably volatility of cryptocurrencies but there is no doubt that barrier will be solved in the near future. Businesses can also eventually gain on the increase of the value of these coins.

As such, we are pleased to announce that Bitcoiin Second Generation (B2G) is looking for Merchants, Businesses and Enterprises who are looking to start accepting B2G payments for their business. With B2G’s fast transaction time, low transaction fees and huge customer base, business-owners will benefit for having B2G as a payment option to its clients.

Corporate companies who would like to use B2G as a settlement coin can contact us at

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