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Bitcoiin Second Generation (B2G) in Partnership with the PirlGuard 




Dear B2G community,

We are proud to announce our partnership with PIRLGuard, the company which developed a state-of-the-art Security Protocol against 51% attacks. PIRLGuard has helped us with the recently successful SPARTA upgrade incorporated on our block 2.000.000, integrating maximum security defence to combat malicious attacks on the B2G blockchain.  

The PIRLGuard security protocol greatly deters attackers while giving the main network a much needed boost in security. This new security mechanism reduces the chances of successful attacks to approximately 0.03% with 80% network hash power. 

The B2G team, especially our Technical Department, has been vigilant against these types of attacks which has been rampant in the industry. Management continues to be proactive to ensure its blockchain security is secure and adequate for our community. The SPARTA upgrade was established as a maximum security defence against these attacks.

We would like to thank PirlGuard and our B2G community for our shared success in securing the B2G blockchain. We thank you for your continued support! 

Node upgrade for SPARTA: 

How a 51% attack works: 

PirlGuard Innovative Solution against 51% attacks: 

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